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Lampsilis radiata lure 1
The Eastern Lampmussel (Lampsilis radiata) has a unique display compared to others in the genus.  The mussel opens relatively wide but has a very fleshy mantle.  It presents a lure ventrally that is just above the substrate surface and tucked under the mussel as it sits high out of the substrate.  Perhaps it mimics the tale of a fish that is hiding under a rock.  We have not observed the twitching motion in this lure seen in other Lampsilis and Villosa. 

Lampsilis radiata lure 3
In addition to its fleshy nature, the mantle has a unique texture that almost resembles shag carpet.  The reason for this texture is unknown to us, but displaying females seem especially sensitive to passing shadows.  Perhaps this mantle is especially adapted to sense its host fish either by chemical cues or by shadows or both.

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