NC State University / College of Veterinary Medicine

Chris Eads Chris Eads

Freshwater Mussel Specialist
Raleigh, NC
Interest Aquatic Biology, Freshwater Mussels
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Professional Experience

2000:  Tennessee Tech University - MS, Biology

1996:  Virginia Tech - BS, Fisheries Science


2001 - Present:  Freshwater Mussel Research Coordinator, NCSU-CVM, AECL

1998-2000: Graduate Research Assistant, Tennessee Coop Fishery Research Unit

1996-1998: Aquatic Biologist, Biological Monitoring Inc.



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Eads, CB, and JF Levine. 2013. Vertical migration and reproductive patterns of a long-term brooding freshwater mussel, Villosa constricta (Bivalvia:Unionidae) in a small Piedmont stream. Walkerana. 16(1):29-40.

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Eads, CB, RB Bringolf, RD Greiner, AE Bogan and JF Levine.  2010.  Fish hosts of the Carolina Heelsplitter (Lasmigona decorata), a federally endangered freshwater mussel (Bivalvia:Unionidae).  2010.  American Malacological Bulletin.  28(1-2): 151-158.

Bringolf, RB, WG Cope, CB Eads, PR Lazaro, MC Barnhart, D Shea. 2007. Acute and Chronic toxicity of technical grade pesticides to glochidia and juveniles of freshwater mussels (Unionidae). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 26(10): 2086-2093.

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Gustafson LL, MK Stoskopf, W Showers, WG Cope, CB Eads, R Linnehan, TJ Kwak, E Andersen, JF Levine. 2005. Reference ranges for hemolymph chemistries from Elliptio complanata of North Carolina. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 65:167-176.

Eads, CB, and JB Layzer. 2002. How to pick your mussels out of a crowd: using fluorescence to mark juvenile freshwater mussels. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 21(3): 476-486. 


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