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Freshwater Mussels
Environmental Education Resources

 Freshwater Mussel anatomy Lesson Plan

 Pearly Mussels Video

 Commercial Mussel Harvest Industry
   The Shell Button Industry, Shell Button Industry on the Mississippi
   The Cultured Pearl Industry

 Zebra mussel educator resources

AECL Freshwater Mussel Resources

Mussels of NC Poster

Freshwater Mussel Lifecycle

Freshwater Mussel Learning Activity Book

Order Posters and Activity Books

Our Freshwater mussel posters and activity books are in limited supply.  We ask a donation of  two dollars, plus shipping for each poster, 

and $1/activity book. The funds will be used to print additional posters and activity books.  Help reprint these materials and develop 

freshwater mussel resources by donating to the Freshwater Mussel Fund


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