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Graduate Training Opportunities

Our laboratory actively supports graduate training for Masters and Doctoral students. However, all positions are supported with grant or scholarship funds. Funds are not routinely available unless specific targeted grant support or scholarships have been acquired. We try to work with qualified students to identify these grant and scholarship funding opportunities. The timeline generally begins at least 8 months to a year before an individual stipend may be available. We also encourage potential students thinking of pursuing a graduate degree to begin working with our field crew or current students before joining our laboratory.


Students interested in pursuing graduate training should contact me directly at We support students in two primary-thesis-based graduate programs:

NCSU College of Natural Resources Fisheries and Wildlife Program

NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program.

I encourage you to contact current students working in the laboratory before considering application to the program. Contact information can be found on our web site Our team page.

Undergraduate Research and/or Honors Research Projects

We welcome the participation of qualified undergraduate students interested in participating in a research project prior to their application to a graduate program. We have numerous project ideas in need of an extra set of hands and a willing and dedicted student. These projects are designed and planned after initial discussion and review by our laboratory team during laboratory meetings. However, once started we look for them to be completed and when appropriate prepared for presentation and when appropriate publication. We encourage interested students to attend our laboratory meetings. Currently in B-328, at the College of Veterinary Medicine on Wednesday mornings.

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