NC State University / College of Veterinary Medicine


Freshwater Mussel Biology and Conservation

Levine, JF, Wegmann, K, Mitasova, H. Unionids in Streams at Fort Bragg, North Carolina:  US Army Corps of Engineers/Department of the Army.

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Levine, J,F. Price, J, Eads, C. Assessment of the Columbia Dam Fish Passage on Recruitment of Freshwater Mussels in the Broad River. South Carolina Dept. Natural Resources. 

Other Projects

Faith, S., Breen, M., Levine, J.F., Ross, A, Juarez, C., Watson, D, Vinueza-Benitez, N., Hinks, D, Ferris, K. The NCSU Veterinary Forensics Initiative. North Carolina State University.

Nelson, S, Levine, JF. Capacity Building- Phase VI: Increasing the Pool for the Development of a multicultural workforce and connection to underserved communities across the US., US Forest Service

Levine, JF, Stringer, A. Strategic Planning to Support Aquaculture Development in Ethiopia.  NCSU International Programs, 

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